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  • born on March 5, 1991 in Bensheim, Hessen, Germany and grew up there

  • from 2000-2010 weekly drum lessons with a studied drum / orchestra musician at the municipal music school in Bensheim

  • Various appearances and competitions, including several district / state awards by Jugend Musiziert as a soloist and ensemble

  • familiar with percussion instruments (mallets, percussion, latin, drum set, snare, timpani etc.)

  • Experience in orchestra, chamber choir and various appearances at school,
    also Abitur in the music performance course



  • after graduation in 2010 training
    at the
    "School of Worship" des
    Faith center in Bad Gandersheim

  • in 2011/2012 I graduated from the "Music Academy" of the "International House Of Prayer University"
    in Kansas City / Missouri (USA); training
    in percussion, piano, choir and music theory

  • Experience in 24/7 livestream
    with thousands of viewers



  • 2012 return from the USA and employment as a musician / teacher at the "School of Worship"

  • at the same time I became part of the "Outbreakband"
    and "Faith Center LIVE"

  • since then I was allowed to join the "Outbreakband"
    throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy
    and even touring South America

  • Part of events with up to
    30,000 people; also production
    from several studio / live CD's

  • the "Outbreakband" is a Christian rock band that is known throughout Germany and increasingly also internationally for its own songs, and has already received awards from the music scene

  • Contacts with renowned drummers and instructive hours with e.g. Matze Meusel (Roger Cicero), Daniel Jakobi (Judy Bailey / Lothar Kosse / Lecturer Pop Akademie Mannheim), Burkhard Mayer-Andersson (Albert Frey), Jost Nickel, David Whitworth (Bethel Music). ..


  • I have also been working as a drum teacher since 2016

  • Video tutorials, solos and covers on my YouTube channel:

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