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Here you can find previews of the drum samples I am selling.
If you are interested, just write me an email using the contact form.



that's about 150 samples of a real acoustic drum set that we recorded in the Bauer Studio Ludwigsburg (one of the most famous recording studios in Germany).

The setup was with vintage mics worth over 50,000 € and our outbreak band drum set. The package includes many kick, snare (over 25), tom, hi-hat, crash, ride, rim, tambourine and add on samples. Here you get a highly professionally recorded high-end drum kit as a sample package. Everything in different attack levels and versions. There is also an EX24 preset for Logic etc. These samples are wonderful for producing, triggering and upgrading your e-drum set and making it sound like the Outbreakband drum set on CD.



This is about 150 Outbreakband Drumpad Samples from all previous CD's (This is our God, Alles Neu, Eins / Best of, Atmosphere, Atmosphere Acoustic Sessions)

We now use a lot of drum pad samples both on CD's and at concerts.

The package includes various kick, snare, clap, tambourine, watertom, subdrops and add-on samples. These are already correctly formatted so that the drum pad recognizes them immediately.

The samples can also be used wonderfully on other songs and bring a wonderful variety to drumming.




Martin F .: Our youth work bought Laserdinger Sounds in order to get fat worship beats out of an e-drum set.

I think there is no better way to invest the money in an e-drum than in a sound that is also suitable for productions.

You have a huge selection of sounds so you can put together your dream worship kit. Absolute buy recommendation!


Elias S .: I bought the Drumpad Samples package from Markus for my Roland SPD-SX. The samples are heavy, work wonderfully in worship songs and were implemented straight away. Great recommendation!



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