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Here you can find all information about the drum sheets that we have created for you.
With this you can finally drum perfectly according to notes to your favorite worship songs and learn them!
If you are interested, just write me an email using the contact form.



THANK YOU for your interest in our drum sheets 📋🥁


Because we kept getting inquiries about drum sheets

it was now time to tackle this project.

We spared no time and effort to listen carefully to all relevant information for us drummers and to write them down in detail on the sheet. Fact: There are many hours (sometimes days) of work behind every song! So we would be happy if this work is appreciated and have tried to find a fair price for it.


We are currently working on a lot of songs and will keep expanding the collection. At the moment there is a 11-pack including the songs: 'Mittelpunkt', 'You make me Brave', 'Lion and the Lamb', 'Egypt', 'Surrounded (Fight my Battles)', 'Der Einzige NV', 'Boldly I approach the throne', 'Way Maker', 'Oceans'. If you have any song requests, please let us know, then we will try to implement them as well. As a purchaser of the pack you will also have access to the upcoming songsheets that will be added.



We sell each drum sheet for 10€ per song.

You get the 11-pack as a package sale deal instead of more than 100€ for 50€ only. Of course, you can also purchase each song individually.


Just let us know if you want the whole package or which songs

you want to have. For the invoice we need your full name, billing address and email address. As soon as this has been transferred you will receive the download link.


If you have any questions, you can of course contact me at any time through the contact form above.

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